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Are you considering using gravel for your driveway or patio? All Design Drives can provide you with a great price when it comes to providing and installing gravel stone on your driveway or patio. Over 30 years installing quality gravel driveways and patios in Dublin.



Gravel is a great option for driveways when you wish to keep the cost down. It can be a great money saver and at the same time make your home look beautiful. Gravel is available in a large range of colours and sizes. We only source the finest gravel from the quarries making sure that you get the right quality product for your driveway or patio.


We can provide you with a great price on your gravel driveway or patio. We source our gravel from all over Ireland depending on the size of the gravel that is required and the colour. It comes in a wide range of colours, one of the most popular is the golden autumn colours. What makes gravel a great option is that you can join it in with any other style of surfacing product like paving or tarmac. You might choose to have a gravel driveway with a paving restraint border around it. You do your driveway half in half. Half in tarmac and half in gravel. You can mix and match.

It really goes great with any other surfacing product and can be a great way to break up large driveways. You can use it in your garden as a surface for your covered flower bed or as a natural laid out area in any lawn.



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